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Ol’ Dobbs
by Mike Moutoux   

Cowboy st Bean Day Rodeo

Cowboy at
Bean Day Rodeo,
Wagon Mound,
New Mexico
Circa 1940's-50's


Ol’ Dobbs said he was
the last of his kind
Been a buckaroo as long
as he could recall
In fact, if he couldn’t do
the job a-horse-back
He didn’t want to
do the job at all

We last saw him spring
of Ninety One
The foreman was layin’
out a job for us to do
He said we’d be diggin’ postholes for a drift fence
“And Dobbs”, he added, “You’ll dig too.”

Now, Dobbs did not
get angry at this

And arguin’, well,
it wasn’t the old man’s way
He smiled and said,
“Son, I mean no disrespect,
But I reckon I’ll just
draw my pay.”

“I hear there’s work
up Montana way
They say the ranges are
the finest anywhere
I’ve always wanted to
see all them mountains
Send you a post card
when I get there.”

We got a card from
Dobbs that Fall
He said Montana was no place for him to stay
Said in spring there’s
lots of horse-work to do
But in summer they wanted him to bale hay

Next we got a card
from Canada
Seems Dobbs found a spot to spend the winter in
He wrote,  “These boys spend six months just settin’ in a chair,
Come spring, I’m headed north again.”

The postmark said,
“North Pole” and the note
Had a picture of Dobbs with a herd of funny deer
He wrote, “The folks up here are real nice, but no one ranches,
After Christmas,
I’m rollin’ out of here.”

The cards came in from
all over then Russia, China, and Tibet to name a few
There were stories of Yaks and Mongolian somethin’s
Said he’d roped
a musk-ox or two

Ol’ Dobbs was stayin’
one jump ahead
Of changes to a world
he couldn’t abide
He looked for work all over the map---honest work
For a cowboy that just wants to ride

We were talkin’ about
Ol’ Dobbs last night
Figgered he was old and prob’ly passed of course
We’re not sure what the angels do up there in Heaven But we’re sure one is doin’ it from a horse.